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A boutique hotel in Alentejo region

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Welcome to The Blue Bamboo Hotel

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Enjoy the comfort of being at a stone's throw away of everything.

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The Blue Bamboo Hotel

Feel welcome and at home from the very moment of your arrival: you have just arrived at the Blue Bamboo Hotel. Located in the very heart of Vila Nova de Milfontes, our hotel is less than 15mn walk from the Praia das Furnas, a lovely beach surrounded by nature.

The Duna Parque Group

Our group features a premium range of hotels: Duna Parque Beach Club, HS Milfontes Beach, Moinho da Asneira, Quinta Pedagógica da Samoqueirinha, Milfontes Guest House, Alentejo Star Hotel and other options.

The Blue Bamboo Hotel

Slow down, take your time, smile

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18 rooms: Double Room or Twin Room, which one will you choose?

You might be looking for a quiet place to enjoy some relaxing holidays on the beach in sunny Alentejo region. Or maybe you cannot imagine holidays without connecting with nature surroundings from a bike, hiking or surfing. Whichever option is your perfect holiday, you have come to the right place: the Blue Bamboo Hotel ideal location will allow you to be just a short walk away from everything.

Duna Parque Hotel Group Services

Find out about our hotels group services. Duna Parque Beach Club: Outdoor pool, wellness centre with indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna, steak house restaurant and paddle tennis courts. HS Milfontes Beach: Restaurants, outdoor pool and relaxing massages. Moinho da Asneira: Outdoor pool, gardens, lagoon and landscape. Quinta Pedagogica da Samoqueirinha: Outdoor pool, pedagogical farm and horse riding. Milfontes Guest House: Covered pool, jacuzzi and sauna. Quinta do Moinho de Vento: Outdoor pool , gardens and tennis courts. Lazy Days : Outdoor salted water pool on the terrace. Alentejo Star Hotel (Mina de São Domingos): Seppia restaurant, observatory, auditorium and outdoor pools. Alentejo Star Hotel: Seppia restaurant, observatory, auditorium and outdoor pools.

The perfect choice to slow down and enjoy Alentejo's lifestyle

They say the people of our region are famous for their relaxed way of life. We regard it as a way of taking time to enjoy every moment. The Blue Bamboo Hotel is an invitation to step out of your daily routine, sit back and discover a very special place to reconnect with yourself.

A travel in couple or with your friends

Our twin rooms and double rooms are ideal for a trip for two. Our friendly staff will warmly welcome you and immediately make you feel at home. Enjoy some perfect holidays in couple or with your friends. Sport, chilling out or simply discovering the historical town of Vila Nova de Milfontes: the options are here, just make your choice to create some unforgettable memories.

The Local Area

Vila Nova de Milfontes is one of Portugal's most beautiful holiday destinations. Surrounded by picturesque natural scenery, coastlines and refreshing countryside. The hotel is just one minute away from the old town and its shops and restaurants, where you'll sample authentic local cuisine and browse independent boutique shops.

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Blue Bamboo was the best place I’ve stayed in Portugal. my room was sunny and bright and spacious and super clean. Nice bathtub after a long hike...



The manager and staff were so kind, supportive and lovely. They went far beyond what one could expect. I am so grateful because even though a travelled alone I did not feel alone. Thank you so so much!!!



Amazing breakfast, they have a pancake machine! Also nice freshly squeezed orange juice, all was amazing. The room was very comfortable, silent, very clean. The staff was super nice.



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